Sharepoint App Upgrade Timeout
March 25, 2017

Few days ago, I stumbled across an issue while upgrading a SharePoint hosted app to a new version. The old version of the app already had a lot of data inside, and the app structure itself was also a bit heavy (lists, workflows, etc…)

So, every time I was trying to update the app, I was getting an error (+/- 10 minutes after). The upgrade errs detail panel information was too vague.

Sharepoint Hosted App Upgarde Error Timeout


The operation took too long…

Analyzing the log files, I find out that there is a timeout used by the App Upgrade process, that is set by default to 10 minutes. (Microsoft.SharePoint.Packaging.SPUserCodeSolutionDeploymentGroup)

Sharepoint Hosted App Upgrade Error Log

Thanks to Pavan Kumar, there is an easy way to increase the Timeout value used by the App Upgrade process. There is a property on the SPFarm object named ExtendedAppWebTimeout that allows you to override the default timeout of 10 minutes.

To run this, you’ll need to open a SharePoint Management Shell 2013 as an Administrator:

$f = Get-SPFarm
$f.Properties #you can check the current Properties on the Farm
$f.Properties.Add("ExtendedAppWebTimeout",120) #the value is in minutes

Done. After this you can try to update you app again, you’ll notice that it will not timeout after 10 minutes.

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